Integrated Curriculum Committee

Chair: Dale Oliver, Department of Mathematics
Behavioral and Social Sciences Building, Room 334

Curriculum Coordinator: Jodie Slack
Siemens Hall, Room 217A
fax 826.6179

Nolij Site for tracking and viewing curriculum proposals

Agendas and Meeting Notes

Agendas and Meeting Notes Archive

Committee Policies and Structure

Committee Members

Integrated Curriculum Committee Constitution Revised Spring 2015 [pdf]

Curriculum Workflow Diagram [pdf]

ICC Diagram of Membership & Interactions with University Senate [pdf]

Academic Master Plan 15-16 through 25-26 & Explanation of Changes [Word]

CSU General Education Breadth Requirements and Institutions Requirement

CSU General Education Breadth Requirements: Executive Order 1033 [pdf]

CSU Institutions Requirements: Executive Order 405 [pdf]




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