GE & All University Requirements (GEAR)

GEAR stands for General Education and All-University Requirements. The GEAR committee is a satellite committee of the Integrated Curriculum Committee (ICC), and is comprised of the below representatives. You may submit comments or questions regarding GEAR committee activities or general education assessment at any time to Jill Anderson, committee chair.

GEAR Committee Membership

GEAR Committee Membership
Chair, CNRS RepresentativeJill Andersonjp319x4541
CAHSS RepresentativeCutcha Risling-Baldycrislingbaldyx4322  
CNRS RepresentativeBori Mazzagborimx4952
CPS RepresentativeFrancis DeMatteofjd15x4047 
Faculty At-LargeVacant


Associate Director of Academic Assessment, OIEMark WicklundMark.Wicklundx5337
Vice Provost, Academic Programs  Mary Oling-Sisaymos19x3949  

GEAR SLO Assignment Inventory Form [Word] Include this form with new GEAR course proposals and proposals to add GEAR designation to existing courses. Do not use this form with proposals to satisfy a GE area through a course of study.

Draft Proposal for New GEAR Director Position [pdf]

GEAR Committee Presentation Convocation 2013 [pdf]

GEAR Program Student Learning Outcomes
The General Education and All-University Requirements Program at Humboldt State University is designed, in concert with the major, to ensure that all graduates have attained the knowledge, skills, experiences, and perspectives necessary to achieve the HSU Baccalaureate Student Learning Outcomes.
Upon completion of the General Education and All-University Requirements Program students will be able to:
  • Communicate effectively through oral, written, and quantitative methods.
  • Demonstrate the ability to locate, assess, and employ information relevant to specific discipline, approach, or method.
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of United States history and politics.
They will apply these skills to:
  • Critically evaluate information through methods of thoughtful inquiry.
  • Analyze and consider diverse, multicultural, interdisciplinary, and global perspectives.
  • Apply knowledge to principled action and professionalism across disciplines.
The diversity of thought fostered by the General Education and All-University Requirements Program enhances the knowledge and abilities developed within the major program to assure graduates have made noteworthy progress towards becoming truly educated persons.
General Education Requirement:
Satisfy Area E and/or UD GE Requirements through Course of Study

Resolution on Accepting a Course of Study as Fulfilling Area E and/or Upper Division GE [pdf]*
*Resolution is no longer valid regarding Area E due to the changes required by EO 1100 Revised.

Proposal to Satisfy Upper Division Area B through Course of Study (Word)

Proposal to Satisfy Upper Division Area C through Course of Study (Word)

Proposal to Satisfy Upper Division Area D through Course of Study (Word)


Diversity and Common Ground Requirements
Institutions Requirement: