Purpose & Mission

The Office of Academic Programs is a division of staff, faculty and students working together as advocates to support student retention, graduation and learning.

We oversee and provide support for changes to academic program curriculum and campus-wide academic policies, we encourage the continuous improvement of academic programs through self-study, assessment and the use of evidence to inform decision making, and we promote student learning and equitable classroom experiences through supporting professional development and inclusive pedagogical practices.

As a member of the California State University System, HSU has committed to increasing its retention and graduation rates across all student populations as a part of the Graduation Initiative 2025 by pledging to eliminate all opportunity and access gaps and drastically improve retention and graduation rates. The Office of Academic Programs is one of the primary areas on campus accountable for supporting the work to accomplish these goals.  We provide pathways for coordination among the academic colleges, and several faculty development and student support programs to help foster collective impact in improving student success on our campus.

Academic & Career Advising Center

ACAC's advisors help students connect their campus experience to future careers all while guiding them through timely degree completion.

Graduate Studies

Graduate Students are supported by many faculty and staff across campus, most notably, their academic departments and the Office of Graduate Studies.

Center for Teaching and Learning

The CTL cultivates partnerships and collectively inspires and innovates on teaching excellence in support of student learning.

The Learning Center

The Learning Center helps students progress to degree through skill development, tutoring, and structured collaborative learning.

Center for Community Based Learning

The CCBL promotes and supports learning and reciprocal connections among students, faculty, and community members through academic coursework integrated with community partnerships.

General Tutoring

RAMP serves all first time freshmen through general and/or 1:1 mentoring meetings, events, and collaborations with other units on campus. 


Curriculum evaluates and responds to assigned course and degree change proposals using specific decision making criteria and university policy.