Syllabus Resources

HSU Course Syllabus Policy

A syllabus is more than just a calendar of assignments. This policy names all the components that need to be included in the syllabus, along with some suggestions based on best practice.

Center for Teaching and Learning Syllabus Design Resources

Resources to create a positive, inclusive syllabus.

Syllabus Template & Recommendations [Canvas]

Review the Accessible Syllabus Template Canvas page or download the Accessible Syllabus Word Template. Also, learn about required & recommended syllabus components.

Syllabus Addendum - Campus Policies & Resources

List of links to relevant policies, procedures, and resources to include in the course syllabus.

ICC Clarification on Student Learning Outcomes Requirement on Syllabus Policy [.pdf]

This clarification document explains which additional learning outcomes must be included in the syllabus.

HSU Student Learning Outcomes

Any syllabus must list the specific HSU Learning Outcomes that are addressed in that course.

Learning Outcomes for General Education and All-University Requirements (GEAR) Courses

A syllabus for a GE, Institutions, and/or Diversity and Common Ground (DCG) course must list the outcomes for the areas it satisfies (e.g., if it is a GE Area C course that also satisfies DCG, it must list Area C outcomes and DCG outcomes).

CSU Professional Development for Accessible Technology - Making Word Documents Accessible

Includes guides for creating accessible Word documents.

ITS Accessible Resources Center (ARC)

The Accessible Resources Center (ARC) team helps faculty and staff ensure that digital documents are compliant with the requirements of the Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI).