Area A - Oral Communication


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  • Goals
    The basic Subjects area attempts to cultivate the students’ abilities to think clearly and logically, to find and critically examine information, and to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. All courses at the university should lead to the further development of one or more of these abilities.
  • Objectives
    • Communication (written and oral)
      Instruction approved for fulfillment of the requirement is communication is designed to emphasize the content of communication as wall as the form and to provide an understanding of the psychological basis and the social significance of communication, including how communication operates in various situations. Applicable courses view communication as the process of human symbolic interaction focusing on the communicative process from the rhetorical perspective; reasoning and advocacy, organization, accuracy; the discovery, critical evaluation and reporting of information; reading and listening effectively as well as speaking and writing. This includes active participation and practice in written communication and oral communication.
Learning Outcomes

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Upon completing this requirement students will:

1. demonstrate the discovery, critical evaluation, and reporting of information by designing an appropriately organized and credibly supported speech, using techniques to inform and/or persuade an audience.

2. deliver a speech using effective verbal and nonverbal skills.

3. critically listen to and analyze oral communication.

4. explain the role that oral communication plays in human societies