Area C - Arts and Humanities

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Upon completing this requirement students will:

1. apply discipline‐specific vocabulary and central discipline‐specific concepts and principles to a specific instance, literary work or artistic creation.

2. respond subjectively as well as objectively to aesthetic experiences and will differentiate between emotional and intellectual responses.

3. explain the nature and scope of the perspectives and contributions found in a particular discipline within the Arts and Humanities as related to the human experience, both individually (theirs) and collectively.

Arts-specific SLO:

4. demonstrate an understanding of the intellectual, imaginative, and cultural elements involved in the creative arts through their (or, “as a result of their”) participation in and study of drama, music, studio art and/or creative writing.

Humanities-specific SLO:

4. discuss the intellectual, historical, and cultural elements of written literature through their study of great works of the human imagination.