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PeopleSoft Course Catalog & DARS Search

The Course Catalog Search tool allows you to simultaneously scan the PeopleSoft Course Catalog as well as the Student Degree Audit and Planner to find information for a particular course. Use this tool to learn which programs/concentrations have the class as a requirement according to the DARS Degree Audit, how many students are planning to take this course, and when according to their DARS Degree Planner, what are the course components and their C-Classifications (C-Class), and which course pre-/co-requisites use the course in question.

To learn more about how to use this tool or how to search Cal Poly Humboldt's online catalog, visit the Catalog Search help page (Humboldt login credentials required).

Annual Course Catalog Cleanup

Each year, the Academic Programs office works with college deans to suspend and/or delete courses that are no longer in the regular rotation.

Courses that have not had enrolled class sections during the previous six years are automatically suspended unless the extension of their active status is approved by the college dean. If a department wishes to reactivate a suspended course, it should submit a Course Change Proposal via Curriculog requesting reactivation, including evidence that the course meets current standards and is consistent with other elements of the curriculum.

Courses that have been in suspended status for 6 years are automatically deleted unless the extension of their suspended status is approved by the college dean. Once a course has been deleted from the catalog, it cannot be reactivated. If a department wishes to bring back a deleted course, it must submit a New Course Proposal via Curriculog.

The list of courses not offered in the past 6 years and courses which have been suspended for at least 6 years are available for departmental review on the Institutional Research, Analytics, and Reporting website. Departments wishing to maintain ongoing active status for a particular course may submit a request and rationale to their college dean. Typically, the deadline by which the deans must submit the list of courses that are to remain active is the last "green" day of the Fall semester. (See the current Green & Gold Calendar to determine the last fall semester "green" day.)

Curriculum Office Hours

Every Friday, 1:00-3:00 PM, zoom.

Modern Campus Curriculum

NOTE: Curriculog is changing names to Modern Campus Curriculum in 2024. We are in the process of updating our websites and documents to reflect this change. We do not have an exact date for this change. No changes in functionality have yet been communicated.