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Major Academic Plans

MAPs demonstrate how first-time, first-year students might obtain a degree by completing 120 units of required coursework in four years. Transfer MAPs demonstrate how students with at least 60 units of approved transfer credit might graduate by completing an additonal 60 units in 2 years. MAPs are intended to offer general program pathways toward graduation and should be considered degree planning resources that students may use in coordination with Academic Advising and DARS planning.

A MAP is an opportunity to highlight a program's required coursework; include specific courses when they are required to complete the program, but leave General Education and Elective options open to student choice. If students must choose a concentration, departments should provide a MAP for each concentration. 4-year MAPs should add up to a minimum of 120 units, and 2-year MAPs for transfer students should add up to a minimum of 60 units.

To view a specific program's MAP(s), select a degree or academic program.

MAP Templates

For changes to existing MAPs:

  1. Print a copy of the MAP from the catalog to PDF.
  2. Convert the file in Adobe to Microsoft Word.
  3. Open the file in Microsoft Word. Under the Review Menu, select the Track Changes button.
  4. Make any needed changes, which will be tracked (including if items are moved). Save the file.
  5. Attach to proposal in the Curriculum Management System. 

For new programs:  

Use one of the links below. You will not be able to update these templates until saved to your drive.

Upload your completed document in the Curriculum Management System. If you have any questions or need additional guidance, please email 

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