Curricular proposals may be entered in Modern Campus Curriculum (formerly Curriculog) at any time during the year. The earlier the proposal has been entered and approved by the Department Chair and Associate Dean, the earlier it can be reviewed by the ICC and implemented.

If your proposal has the potential to create a significant change to University policies or practices or if you are interested in proposing a new program, concentration, or minor, please be sure to talk it over with your Associate Dean and the Vice Provost to gain support before entering/submitting the proposal. 

Catalog Priority Dates

Submitting your proposal(s) by or before the below-listed dates gives you the best chance to make it into the next Projected Catalog Year. However, due to the nature of the Integrated Curriculum Committee (ICC) and the University Senate review process, we cannot guarantee all proposals will meet this timing. 

College Approval Priority Dates for the ICC


Dept. Chair

Assoc. Dean

Projected Catalog Year

Curriculog Forms

Course Changes Only
New GEAR Courses, GEAR designation additions, and Course Changes that do not involve changing program requirements

Sep 1

Sep 15

Oct 1

Current Academic Year + 1

COURSE: Course Change/Reactivation Form; New Course Form

New Degree Proposals (aka new Degree Projections) to be included with the Academic Master Plan submission in January

Sep 15

Oct 1

Oct 15

Current Year + 2

PROGRAM: Projected Degree Proposal Form (Chancellor's Office)

Mid December - Final University Senate meeting to approve proposals for the next Catalog Year

Early April - Catalog released for the next Catalog Year

Program and Related Course Changes
Full New Degree, New Minor/Certificate, New Concentration, New Combined Bachelor's & Master's Pathway, Concentration Elevation, Program Change, and related course proposals

Apr 15

May 1

Aug 1

Current Year + 2

COURSE: Course Change/Reactivation Form; Course Suspension/Deletion Form; New Course Form

PROGRAM: Concentration Elevation Proposal Form (Chancellor's Office); New Concentration Form (Chancellor's Office); New Combined Bachelor's & Mater's Pathway Proposal Form (Chancellor's Office); New Degree Proposal Form (Chancellor's Office); New Minor/Certificate Form; Program Change Form

Curriculum Timeline

Academic Year Annual Curricular Cycle (September - May)


Online Catalog Production Timeline

October - December (last green day before holiday): Catalog cleanup of courses not offered in at least 6 years and courses suspended for at least 6 years

January - February: Course and program updates made in the catalog per approved Curriculum proposals

February 15: target date for draft catalog release for review

March 15: Curricular updates due to the draft catalog

March: CSU mandatory catalog copy received (approximate)

March: Final updates to non-curricular portions of the catalog (e.g., administration, faculty, emeritus faculty, etc.)

April 1: target date for catalog release

Curriculum Office Hours

Every Friday, 1:00-3:00 PM, zoom.


Modern Campus Curriculum

NOTE: Previously called Curriculog. This is a name change only.