Curriculum Proposals may be entered in Curriculog at any time during the year. The earlier the proposal has been entered and approved by the Department Chair, the earlier it can be reviewed by the ICC and implemented.

If your proposal has the potential to create a significant change to University policies or practices or if you are interested in proposing a new program, concentration, or minor, please be sure to talk it over with your Associate Dean and the Vice Provost to gain support before entering/submitting the proposal. 

Catalog Target Dates for 2023/2024 Catalog

Submitting your proposal(s) by or before this date gives you the best chance to make it into the next available catalog, which would potentially allow you to begin offering any new/changed classes as early as Fall 2023. However, due to the nature of the Integrated Curriculum Committee (ICC) and the University Senate review process, we cannot guarantee all proposals will make this catalog deadline. 

Please make sure your proposal is thoroughly complete and that it has been approved by both the Proposal Originator and Department Chair in Curriculog by the "Department Approval Target Due Date" listed below. Once your Department Chair has approved your proposal, it will move on to your college's Associate Dean for review.

Type of ProposalDepartment Approval Target Due Date 
(Priority date to have proposals submitted & approved by Dept Chair in Curriculog)
College Approval Deadline 
New Degree ProposalsDecember 10, 2021December 22, 2021
Program Change, new Concentration, and related New Course & Course Change ProposalsMarch 21, 2022May 23, 2022
New GE Courses, GE designation additions, and Course Changes that do not involve changing program requirementsSeptember 12, 2022  October 3, 2022
All proposals must be approved in the last Fall semester University Senate meeting in order to be included in the 2023/24 Course Catalog

COMING SOON: Catalog Target Dates for 2024/2025 Catalog