Humboldt State University Baccalaureate Student Learning Outcomes

HSU graduates will have demonstrated:
  • effective communication through written and oral modes;
  • critical and creative thinking skills in acquiring a broad base of knowledge and applying it to complex issues;
  • competence in a major area of study; and
  • appreciation for and understanding of an expanded world perspective by engaging respectfully with a diverse range of individuals, communities, and viewpoints.
HSU graduates will be prepared to:
  • succeed in their chosen careers;
  • take responsibility for identifying personal goals and practicing lifelong learning; and
  • pursue social justice, promote environmental responsibility, and improve economic conditions in their workplaces and communities.
Core Competencies

As defined in WASC Standard 2, Criterion for Review 2.2, institutions report on graduating students’ levels of performance in five core competencies: written and oral communication, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and information literacy.

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Models for General Education and All University Requirements (GEAR)

Information on Student Achievement