Cal Poly Humboldt Graduate Institutional Learning Outcomes

  1. Specialized KnowledgeStudents will be able to develop specialized field knowledge and integrated knowledge across content areas. 

  2. Frameworks: Students will be able to evaluate a range of viewpoints embedded within varying frameworks that may include temporal, cultural, linguistic, sociopolitical, or technological contexts. 

  3. Critical InquiryStudents will be able to engage in critical inquiry using effective search and evaluation strategies. 

  4. ApplicationStudents will be able to integrate knowledge and practice through the application of disciplinary or interdisciplinary learning across a variety of contexts. 

  5. CommunicationStudents will be able to communicate ideas effectively to multiple audiences orally and in writing.  

  6. EthicsStudents will be able to reason ethically in evaluating various perspectives, policies, and/or practices relevant to one's field of study. 

  7. Equity and JusticeStudents will be able to demonstrate research knowledge, practices, and dispositions associated with equity and social, racial, economic, and environmental justice as these apply to effective practices in the discipline.
Acknowledgment: Graduate Learning Outcomes adapted in part from the University of San Diego