Integrated Curriculum Committee (ICC)

Integrated Curriculum Committee Members

*ChairJill AndersonSchool of Applied Healthx45412024
DeanCyril OberlanderCollege of Extended Education & Global Engagementx5877
Administrative Support CoordinatorMary WatsonUniversity Senatex3657
StudentvacantAssociated Studentsx42211-yr term
Academic Planning and Programs Subcommittee (APP, formerly AMP)
*ChairJill AndersonSchool of Applied Healthx45412024
CAHSS Chair Representativevacant
CNRS Chair RepresentativeChristine CassOceanographyx4171
CPS Chair Representativevacant
*Faculty At-LargeMarissa RamsierAnthropologyx49482023
University LibrarianCarly MarinoUniversity Libraryx4955
CAHSS Associate DeanHeather MadarCollege of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciencesx4491
CNRS Associate DeanBori MazzagCollege of Natural Resources & Sciencesx3546
CPS Associate DeanJustus OrtegaCollege of Professional Studiesx4274
AVP of Academic ProgramsCarmen Bustos-WorksAcademic Programsx3722
Interim RegistrarJenni Robinson-ReisingerOffice of the Registrarx6222
Graduate Council Representativevacant
StudentvacantAssociated Studentsx42211-yr term
Course and Degree Changes Subcommittee (CDC)
*CAHSS RepresentativeCindy MoyerDance, Music, and Theatrex43162025
*CNRS Representative

Josh Smith

Lucy Kerhoulas (sabbatical 22-23)







*CPS RepresentativeEden Donahue (Chair)School of Applied Healthx45342024
*Faculty At-largeWilliam FisherEconomicsx32372025
Senior Curriculum AnalystBella GrayAcademic Programsx4193
Curriculum AnalystCameron Allison GovierAcademic Programsx4193
Registrar DesigneeMelissa TafoyaOffice of the Registrarx6208
GEAR Curriculum and Assessment Subcommittee

Cutcha Risling Baldy

Lisa Tremain (sabbatical 22-23)

Native American Studies






CAHSS RepresentativePaul AtienzaCritical Race & Gender Studies2025
CNRS RepresentativeBradley BallingerMathematicsx53442024
CPS RepresentativeRamesh AdhikariSchool of Businessx58052024
Faculty At-LargeSara HartReligious Studiesx57612025
StudentvacantAssociated Studentsx4221
AVP of Academic ProgramsCarmen Bustos-WorksAcademic Programsx3722
Associate Director of Academic AssessmentMark WicklundAcademic Programsx5337
Academic Policies Committee
ChairMarissa Ramsier

*Elected by the General Faculty

Terms conclude at the end of the spring term in the year indicated.

Committee Documents and Tools

We Celebrate the CSU Ethnic Studies Requirement!

On August 17, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom signed AB 1460 into law. This historic legislation marks California as the first state to require that a four-year public higher education system offer Ethnic Studies as a graduation requirement. In December, 2020, this legislation led to the revision of CSU General Breadth Requirements to to include the addition of Area F: Ethnic Studies.

The Ethnic Studies requirement will provide all CSU undergraduates with coursework that engages interdisciplinary study of race, ethnicity, and indigeneity that focuses on the lives of people of color from their own perspectives. It offers a comprehensive understanding of the unique experiences of Native American and Indigenous Peoples, Asian Americans, Black Americans and Latinx/Chicanx Americans in the United States, as well as an intersectional analysis among communities. We celebrate this important legislation with you! 

AB 1460 also recognizes the critical, centralized role the CSU Ethnic Studies Council continues to play in the implementation of the Ethnic Studies requirement. Important advocacy and organizing work to establish the law included members of Humboldt's Ethnic Studies Council. This academic year the Humboldt Ethnic Studies Council, the GEAR Committee, Office of Academic Affairs, Office of the Registrar, and the Integrated Curriculum Committee have been working in close collaboration to ensure meaningful implementation of the Ethnic Studies (ES) requirement at Cal Poly Humboldt. 

To support all departments in implementing the Ethnic Studies Area F requirement into their programs, please:

  1. Review the Humboldt Ethnic Studies GE F implementation document to understand which courses are approved, how these changes impact the GEAR program, and the timeline. 

  2. Revise program MAPs to integrate Area F. Learn more about MAP Updates 21-22 HERE and find helpful MAP resources via the Office of the Registrar here.