Integrated Curriculum Committee (ICC)

Chair: Lisa Tremain, Department of English
Founder's Hall, Room 225

Curriculum Specialist: Bella Gray
Siemens Hall, Room 219

Administrative Support Coordinator: Mary Watson
Gist Hall, Room 101D

Curriculog Site for tracking and viewing curriculum proposals

Zoom Instructions for ICC Meetings for a smooth Zoom experience

Agendas and Meeting Notes

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Committee Policies and Structure

Committee Members

PDF icon Integrated Curriculum Committee Bylaws and Rules of Procedure [pdf] Revised April 2018

Curriculum Workflow Diagram [pdf]

ICC Diagram of Membership & Interactions with University Senate [pdf]

Academic Master Plan 15-16 through 25-26 & Explanation of Changes [Word]

CSU General Education Breadth Requirements and Institutions Requirement

CSU General Education Breadth Requirements: Executive Order 1033 [pdf]

CSU Institutions Requirements: Executive Order 405 [pdf]

Academic Master Planning

Thank you for your participation and feedback on the developing HSU Academic Master Plan (AMP). Last spring, we invited all HSU constituents to engage in focused conversations around our academic mission and priorities through a series of webinars.
During Fall 2020, we are building upon the findings from the webinars to engage HSU constituents in continued visioning activities.  Feedback and trends from across these visioning activities will help guide the Academic Master Planning Working Group to develop principles and values that will be articulated in HSU Academic Master Plan, to be submitted to President Jackson at the end of this calendar year.
An important step YOU can take in this process as we chart our future is to share and provide feedback via this google-form:  HSU Academic Master Planning: Phase 2 Feedback.
Feedback from all HSU constituents is invited. 
Additional resources related to the AMP process are in this folder. Please complete and distribute the HSU Academic Master Planning: Phase 2 Feedback form.  This form closes on September 30, 2020.  We will provide updates on our next steps for October and November 2020 soon!