Syllabus Addendum

Note to students: This syllabus addendum does not contain all campus policies, procedures, and resources. It contains a selection of items of particular importance to your success in courses. In the past, these items were commonly included on individual syllabi. The goal of this addendum is to put them all in one place to facilitate student review. Familiarize yourself with the contents of this addendum.

Be sure to also thoroughly review the syllabi for each course in which you are enrolled. Syllabi should be located on the Canvas site for each course, either in the main course navigation or the home page. If it is not located there, please contact the course instructor. You may also check the syllabus repository - syllabi are added each term, typically by the second week of classes.

I. Learning Outcomes & Competencies

If a course is a requirement for a major program, it contributes to the achievement of program learning outcomes (PLOs) and Cal Poly Humboldt’s institutional learning outcomes (ILOs).

If a course is certified as meeting one or more General Education and All-University Requirements (GEAR), it is part of the GEAR Program.

You can find ILOs, major and GEAR PLOs, and detailed descriptions of each GEAR area on the Cal Poly Humboldt Learning Outcomes webpage.

II. Student Services and Resources

A. Academic Resources
B. Students Disabilities Resource Center (SDRC)

Persons who wish to request disability-related accommodations should contact the Student Disability Resource Center in Library 005, by phone at (707) 826-4678, or email at Disability accommodations must be pre-approved by the Student Disability Resource Center.

Your classrooms should be equipped with at least one desk and chair for students with disabilities or temporary physical challenges. Ensure that students who need this equipment are able to use it - if you are not physically challenged yourself, select another seat in the classroom.

Additional information is available on the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) website. 

C. General Resources
D. Information Technology Services & Technical Assistance

III. Campus Policies & Resources

A. Registration Forms & Policies, including how to add/drop classes

The deadline for students to change their course schedule without penalty, known as the Add/Drop date, is 11:59 p.m. on the Monday after the second week of classes of the regular semester term. After the deadline, approval to add or drop a class requires approval of a documented serious and compelling reason.

B. Student Rights and Responsibilities
C. Campus Emergency Procedures

Review the evacuation plan located in the buildings/classrooms that you visit - see the sign posts inside of classrooms near the exits. Additionally, review the Emergency Management website, including the most recent Emergency Operations Plan and Guidelines.

During an emergency, information can be found on campus conditions at (707) 826-INFO (4636) or on the Cal Poly Humboldt Emergency website.

Visit Humboldt’s Campus Ready page for the most up-to-date information regarding Covid safety on campus.

D. Title IX & Discrimination, Harassment & Retaliation Prevention

Information about Title IX and discrimination, harassment, and retaliation prevention can be found on the Title IX website.

Note that if students choose to disclose to Cal Poly Humboldt instructors (directly or in class discussions/assignments) information about having survived sexualized violence while a Cal Poly Humboldt student, federal and state education laws require that the instructor notify the Dean of Students Office, who will then contact students to let them know about accommodations and support services at Cal Poly Humboldt. If students do not want the Dean of Students notified, there are other people they can speak to confidentiality. 

For more information, visit Humboldt Supporting Survivors' website or call the Campus Advocate Team 24-hour hotline (707) 445-2881

E. Animals on Campus Policy – Student, Campus Residents, and Visitors

According to the Animals on Campus Policy (P17-09), animals are prohibited in classrooms or laboratories except for Service Animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA, and therefore this policy, does not cover Comfort or Emotional Support Animals. For more information contact the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC).

F. Email Policy

All Cal Poly Humboldt students are responsible for checking their Cal Poly Humboldt email account for official communications. While students may elect to redirect messages sent to their official Cal Poly Humboldt email address to another address, those who redirect their email to another address do so at their own risk. 

Additional information is available on the Email Policy page.

G. Course materials may be protected by copyright. 

United States copyright law, 17 USC section 101, et seq., prohibits unauthorized duplication or retransmission of course materials.

H. Additional Policies

Additional campus policies are available for review on the Cal Poly Humboldt Policies website.

IV. Information on Campus Commitments

A. Cal Poly Humboldt Institutional Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Statement:

Cal Poly Humboldt is a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) and Minority-Serving Institution (MSI) striving to foster an equitable and inclusive community that supports our students, faculty, and staff of diverse backgrounds. Cal Poly Humboldt is committed to building bridges of caring, engaging critical social consciousness, and elevating all community members’ sense of belonging. We are committed to improving the human condition and the environment by dismantling systems of oppression so that all members of our community have what they need to thrive. Accountability for excellence, belonging, compassionate collaboration, confidentiality, cultural humility, integrity, ongoing learning, respect, service, accessibility, and social justice are the Principles of Community that animate our institutional commitments and our unifying institutional vision of inclusive excellence. 

Students with questions, concerns, or requests relating to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in their courses are encouraged to reach out to their instructors and/or reach out to the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

B. Cal Poly Humboldt Land Acknowledgement 

We acknowledge that Cal Poly Humboldt is located on the unceded lands of the Wiyot people, where they have resided from time immemorial. We encourage all to gain a deeper understanding of their history and thriving culture. As an expression of our gratitude we are genuinely committed to developing trusting, reciprocal, and long lasting partnerships with the Wiyot people as well as all of our neighboring tribes.