What Class Type to use: Enrollment or Non-Enrollment?

The class type of Enrollment indicates which section the students will choose as the section into which they will enroll during registration. At Humboldt, for multiple component classes, this usually means the lab/activity. Within each class, only one component can have a class type of Enrollment. 

Because the Enrollment class type is what drives registration, Permission Numbers are generated ONLY for Enrollment class types. 

Enrollment Section

The class type of Non-Enrollment is used to indicate that the section choice is the student's secondary enrollment option, that the section is used in auto-enrollment, or that the section is not intended for enrollment at all (e.g. 00 sections of independent study courses). At Humboldt, for dual component classes, this usually means the lecture, or in the case of triple component classes, the lecture and the second lecture/seminar/discussion.

Non-Enrollment Section