Which class status should I use?

What does the available Class Status mean?
    • Active (+print flag = Y): Class sections that are open for student self-enrollment that will appear in the online class schedule as well as in the PeopleSoft class search.
    • Active (+print flag = N): Class sections that are not open for student self-enrollment that will NOT appear in the online class schedule as well as in the PeopleSoft class search, BUT WILL appear in the Sub Schedule of Place-based Learning and other Block Scheduled Courses such as EOP, Klamath Connection, etc.
    • Stop Further Enrollment: Courses that are hidden from student enrollment, but have a scheduled room. This classification is used for additional sections of courses that may be opened once other sections are filled. Limit the use of “zero-enrolled” courses to scenarios where historical data indicates that additional sections will likely be used and the Dean has approved “zero-enrollment" status. This status is also used when cancelling a class (and within 7 days it is replaced with Cancelled Section status by the Office of the Registrar).
    • Tentative Section: Courses that will not be offered in a given term.
    • Cancelled Section: Used ONLY by the Registrar’s Office to cancel classes with enrollment.
How to change class status?

NAVIGATION:  Main Menu > Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Maintain Schedule of Classes

Once you find the class you wish to update, select the Enrollment Cntrl tab. Locate the Class Status drop-down menu and select the desired status. To learn what each of the available statuses means read the section above.

Update class status

Once you selected the appropriate Class StatusSave the page using the button at the bottom of the page.

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