Integrated Curriculum Committee Members

 Title Name Affiliation Email Phone  Term*
 Chair Dale  Oliver Mathematics Dale.Oliver x4921  2019
 Acting Chair - GEAR  John Steele Biological Sciences jws453 x3178 
 Dean Carl  Hansen College of e-Learning and Extended Education hansen x5877 
StudentTina Llopis     
Subcommittee On Academic Master Planning (AMP)
 Title Name Affiliation Email Phone  Term*
 Chair Dale Oliver Mathematics Dale.Oliver x4921  2019
 CAHSS Chair  Representative  Heather Madar Art hm28 x3552 2019
 CNRS Chair  Representative  Bruce O'Gara Biological Sciences bao3 x3246 2019
 CPS Chair Representative   x 2018
 Faculty At-Large Marissa Ramsier Anthropology mas70 x4948 
 University Librarian Sarah Fay  Philips Library sp252 x5589 
 Interim Associate Dean Rosamel Benevides-Garb CAHSS rsb1 x4491 
 Associate Dean Rick Zechman CNRS fwz1 x3546 
 Interim Associate Dean Chris Hopper CPS cah3 x3961 
 Interim Vice Provost Rock Braithwaite Academic Programsreb22 x3949 
 Registrar Clint Rebik Office of the Registrar clint x6205 
 Graduate Council  Representative vacant   x 
 StudentStarr GreenSky Associated Students  x4221 1 year    term
Subcommittee On Course and Degree Changes (CDC)
 Title Name Affiliation Email Phone  Term*
 CAHSS Representative Anne Paulet  (Chair)  History ap23 x3118 2019
 CNRS RepresentativeJohn-Pascal Berritt Forestry pberrill x4220 2020
 CPS Representative Gregg Gold Psychology gjg14 x3740 2018
 Faculty At-large Cindy Moyer Music Cindy.Moyer x3563 2019
 Curriculum  Coordinator Jodie Slack Academic Programs jodie x4193 
 Assistant Registrar Jenni Robinson Office of the Registrar jenni.robinson  x6222 
Standing Committee on GEAR Curriculum and Assessment
 Title Name Affiliation Email Phone  Term*
 Elisabeth Harrington Music  elisabeth.harrington x5437 
 CAHSS  Representative Deidre  Pike  Journalism & Mass  Communication dp1450 x3659 2018
 Acting Chair John Steele Biological Sciences jws453 x3178 
 CPS  Representative Mary  Dingle Education mary.dingle x3719 
 Faculty At-large Rob Cliver History rc61 x3247 2019
 Student vacant Associated Students   1  year  term
 Interim Vice  Provost Rock Braithwaite Academic Programsreb22 x3949 
Academic Policies Committee 
 Title Name Affiliation Email Phone Term*
 Chair Kerri Malloy Native American Studies Kerri.Malloy x4317 2020
 Registrar Clint Rebik Office of the Registrar clint x6205 
 Student vacant Associated Students    1 year term


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*Terms conclude at the end of the spring term in the year indicated.