Humboldt State University Master's Student Learning Outcomes

HSU graduates at the masters level will be able to:
  • elucidate the major theories, research methods and approaches to inquiry and/or schools of practice in the student's field of study; articulate their sources and illustrate both their application and their relationships to allied fields;
  • disaggregate, adapt, reformulate and employ principal ideas, techniques or methods at the forefront of their field of study in the context of a written product or project;
  • provide adequate evidence (through papers, projects, notebooks, computer files or catalogues) of contributing to, expanding, assessing, and/or refining knowledge within their field of study;
  • create sustained, coherent arguments or explanations and reflections on their work or that of collaborators (if applicable), to both general and specialized audiences;
  • apply the ethical framework(s) appropriate to their field of study; and
  • employ the tools, concepts, and methods appropriate to their inquiry in a project, paper or performance.