Chancellor's Office Executive Orders 1071 Revised, 1100 Revised & 1110

The Office of Undergraduate Studies and multiple campus share-holders are working together to create the curricular and programmatic changes necessary to meet the requirements set by these three Executive Orders from the California State University Chancellor's Office.

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EO 1100 & 1110 Zoom Meeting - September 29, 2017 

Executive Order 1071 Revised, effective January 20, 2017, concerns the Delegation of Authority to Approve Subprograms (Options, Concentrations, Special Emphases) and Minors. Specifically, it declares that all subprograms, including options, concentrations and special emphases, must constitute less than 1/2 of the units required in the major program.

EO 1071 Revised FAQ (pdf)

Executive Order 1100 Revised, effective August 23, 2017, is a revision of the CSU's General Education Breadth Requirements. Most pressing for Humboldt, it requires that all incoming students beginning Fall 2018 must fulfill their Area E requirements at the lower division level.

Memorandum on the Placement of Students Based on Their Academic Preparation (pdf)

Executive Order 1110, effective August 2, 2017, concerns the assessment of academic preparation for and placement in written communication in English courses and mathematics/quantitative reasoning courses for first year students. This EO impacts our Early Start program as well as our current remedial mathematics and English course offerings.

Implementation Guidance for Executive Order 1110 (pdf)

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