Academic Planning

Curriculum & Course Proposals

The Office of Academic Programs provides leadership and administrative support for the Integrated Curriculum Committee and for academic programs as they redesign or introduce new courses and programs of study. Curriculum development is the core of the university, and it is central to the continuous improvement of student learning and success.

University-Wide Goals and Initiatives

Development of the next strategic plan has begun at Humboldt. The president’s Strategic Initiatives Committee comprises faculty, staff, students, and representatives from the city of Arcata. Upon completion of a highly consultative approach, the committee will recommend a new strategic plan to guide Humboldt for the next five years.

Operational and Co-Curricular Assessment and Program Review

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Academic Assessment & Program Review

The Office of Academic Programs oversees Humboldt's processes of assessment and program review. These apply to institutional concerns, such as how well the university is fulfilling its mission and implementing its strategic plan, to the function of the numerous operational departments and student-serving co-curricular programs across campus, and to the paramount concern of how well our students are learning in the classroom. Through assessment and program review, faculty and staff reflect on successes and challenges and set actionable, measurable goals for improvement. These processes are the foundation of the continuous-improvement practices that ensure the quality, meaning, and integrity of an Humboldt degree and keep Humboldt in good standing as a WSCUC-accredited university.